John Sawkins


she declared emphatically
is not everything!
Whoever said it was?
An animal on heat.

On the glittering screen
that trend-setter
see how this married man
rips the clothes from his wife's body
see how with bunched and bouncing loins
he pumps spuk into her cunt!
Is this love? Is it desire?
No and, again, no!
It is raw appetite.
It is the human animal on heat.
And whatever woman lets herself
be so used is much to blame.
Far better she were a Lesbian
given to the gentler love-play
of her own sex; and he a homo.

Each word has a sound of its own
that conveys its meaning. Thus
desire is infinite:
'The desire of the moth for the star'
where 'distance lends enchantment'.
The refinement of desire
transforms the sexual
into the aesthetic.
each drawing of William Blake's Adam and Eve
tells you this. Sex is basic.
It is the rich soil out of which
the tender plant we call love grows.
But sex, however slow, is always force
whereas the nature of love is persuasion.
It is therefore mutual or at a loss.


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