Chandramohan S. 

An open letter to a Game theorist

Just before the commencement of a lecture
of yours, I remember someone muttering
“Mr.Game theorist is one of the few who can
still save the world”.
After all your accolades and endowment chairs,
best paper awards and crammed lecture halls,
and divine  refinements of equilibria
coming to a naught as if in black hole
where no light of reason can escape unhurt.

Has it occurred to you that
     can be an unstable equiliria
     can be an addiction
      and that addiction can be rationalized?

Theories of war and peace
go for a toss
like random intervals of time between
the bombs in Gaza.

Have you ever denigrated your axioms of peace
deified the contradictions of war
On which whose imprecision proofs on
hope for Justice depends?

Your miraculous insights into rational behavior
have all gone to sleep.
Tell us dear sir,
before you go to sleep
have you quit your search for that perennially elusive
stable equilibrium of cease fire
along with your study of evolution of conventions?

Chandramohan S. (CMS) is a poet from India. 

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