Jane Howard, Two Poems


   The parson was stern
        when I arrived at the chapel
  Can't let you in, sir, he said
              We've got a no snake list
    At the dance hall, the doorman shouted
   You ain't allowed in
      You are on that
                            no jitterbug list

       I tried to keep cool & went to the pool
    No swim today, the attendant  yelled 
            Go to hell.  You  are on a
                                                   no butterfly list

   When I arrived at the zoo
                  heard only, Stay out
      You're not allowed, says this
                                          no elephant list  

       At the concert hall, 
                     I was brushed aside
   Left right away, but still heard them say
      ´That fellow's on a no beetle list

            Feeling slight ire, approached the choir
                      asked, Can I join, at least in Des Moines?
                 Politest reply, No! And you know why?!?
                         Somebody put you on a no hummingbird list!

              Frustated, went to the park
     It was full of policemen  who looked for a lark              
         A guard stopped me with a gun. Quipped, You better run.
                Seems that you are on a no fly list                                

                                                                                     July 10, 2014


                  They tapped  me on the  back.
                    Then they taped my mouth.
                Then they started to question me,
               pointing out I must only
                        nod, or shake my head.
                    When it was over,
                                 they said,
                    We tapped your phone.
                      You talked too much.
                        It was suspicious.

                                                      July 10, 2014



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