Sasidharan Cheruvattath

The drone of 
slaughter machines,
a diabolic lullaby-
mankind sleeps,
as the giant leaps.
A moon’s deja vu

Sasidharan Cheruvattath is a poet from Thrissur, India. 
He wrote this poem to express his concern about the wars fought in our time.
Each day, we read about new attacks, and see images of victims -  in Afghanistan, in Pakistan's Western frontier regions, in the Philippines, in Colombia, Eastern Ukraine, in Somalia, in South Sudan, in the DR Congo,  in Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, in Kurdish areas, in Lebanon, the West Bank, Israel, and Gaza. Often, a major global power is directly or  indirectly responsible, and has been involved militarily, or is still involved, sometimes through a private army of the Blackwater type. Peace is possible only if the population of major countries compels the governments of these countries to abandon policies intended to assert their influence for particularist purposes, in the interest of big business,  or even in the interest of continued dominance and global rule. (~aw~)

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