Andreas Weiland

[orange nightmare] 

orange nightmare of clouds  
for a moment they mirror
the horrors of a century
which lead the way
from Auschwitz Buchenwald Dachau to
Union Carbide 
the defoliated forests of Vietnam
the dark Bhopal night 
filled with coughing, tormented bodies 
while dead birds are dropping again
from the sky
while a dog is howling 
full of pain 
in some distant corner

In the rain forests of the Congo
another Conrad might chance today
upon the destructive greed of man
as the puppets of transnational corporations
put their bloodied hands on
coveted raw materials
Cell phones connect dubious lovers
and millions of lives are sacrificed 
on the bench of progress
in a wantonly rekindled war

And in far-away China
as thousands of skyscrapers begin to dot 
the inner cities of Beijing, of Shanghai
millions and millions 
of animals are raised 
in the same way  
ignorant of their natural needs  
that was pioneered 
by doctors and businessmen
in the West

Yes, we are traversing still
that same age of progress
that our forefathers craved 
and believed in

                                          Nov. 5, 2005


Andreas Weiland is the translator of poems by Kerala based poets published in Street Voice # 6 that were either translated by Ravi Shanker (and in a few cases, by other Indian poets) from Malayalam, or that were originally written in English. His poetry was published in anthologies in Germany and China, and in such journals as The Q (Bochum), touch (Philadelphia PA and Bochum), the Cahiers du Cinéma (Paris), Benzin (ed. Jürgen Theobaldy, Cologne), konkursbuch (ed. Claudia Gehrke),  kulturrevolution (ed. Jürgen Link et al., Essen); streetword (ed. Mike Dobbie; UK), Romboid (Bratislava), etc.  He has several volumes of poetry to his credit.