Founded in 2006, by Hadaa Sendoo

Location Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Central Asia

The WPA is a leading Poetry Almanac of international significance for new poetry in the 21st century.

Styles: Modernist, postmodernist, avant-garde and especially innovative poetry is welcome, first and foremost.

Edit philosophy: 
Poetry is vital for life and language, and a single poem may be able to enrich many hearts, souls and minds.

The WPA gathers brief selections from poets worldwide and does not only publish renowned poets, but also supports unknown poets. The WPA does also accept unsolicited submissions for this anthology at any time. It publishes only quality works.


The World Poetry Almanac is an avant-garde international poetry anthology that focuses on contemporary poetry and poetics. 

The almanac, with over 300 pages now, includes works of 180 poets from 100 countries and features discussions on poetry, book reviews, interviews, and academic papers.

The almanac has been enthusiastically received in international poetry circles and copies have been donated to the following organizations: The British Library, the UNESCO Library, the Library of Congress USA, and the Swedish Academy.



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   Contact us: World Poetry Almanac, P.O. Box 836, Ulaanbaatar 46, Mongolia  #

   Email:  poetry_almanac(at)yahoo.com



   Hadaa Sendoo is a poet based in Mongolia. He is a founding member of the World Poetry Movement.